Our Direct Appeal Campaign helps fund critical programs and services for all students at our school.  In the state of California, arts, music and physical education are considered extracurricular.  Your donation will provide students with weekly art, music and physical education, as well as funding field trips, and other offerings no longer supported by city, state, and federal funding. It is only through the support of our community that we are able to fund these remarkable activities. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Send family members the link to our website asking them to make a donation in your child's name.
Organize a fundraiser with your child's classroom to help raise money to support programs like Physical Education with Coach Robinson, Art, Music, Education Outdoors, and Field Trips.
- Ask your employer if they offer matching funds.

For your records or for your company's gift matching program, our IRS Tax ID # is 94-3204138

Prefer to donate the good old fashioned way? No problem! Please send your check to ATTN: Direct Appeal, Yick Wo Elementary, 2245 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

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Follow 3 simple steps before shopping at Amazon.com to ensure Yick Wo receives a 6% donation from Amazon.
STEP 1: Click HERE (and bookmark for future shopping sessions)
STEP 2: Do your online shopping
STEP 3: Share this link with family and friends
*Click before putting items in cart and Yick Wo receives a portion of your purchase price

Donates 3-10% of your purchase price to Yick Wo – just mention the school when you check out. Cole Hardware is a neighbor at Polk and Green. Other stores are at 4th and Mission, Cole and Parnasuss, and on outer Mission Street.

Register your debit and credit (Yick Wo Group ID# is 137628912)

SPORTS BASEMENT Mention Yick Wo when you shop at Sports Basement and you’ll get a double whammy. First, you’ll automatically save 10% of the cost of your purchase. Second, Sports Basement will give another 5 percent to the Yick Wo PTO. It’s as simple as that. Pass it on to your family and friends. Anybody can say the secret word, Yick Wo, and earn the 10% discount (and the funds for the school).

Donates 15% of Monday sales (Stockton St. Tacolicios location) to Yick Wo during Mondays of our featured month (last event was October 2017). 

Designate Yick Wo your school of choice with your Target card and Target donates 1% to Yick Wo

Donates 5% of your purchase price to Yick Wo. Just mention the school when you check out at any Office Depot Store and when shopping online, follow the instructions HERE.