Field Trips

Yick Wo students are fortunate to have the incredible city of San Francisco at their doorstep. Field trip locations include the DeYoung Museum, the Symphony, the Asian Art Museum, SF Ballet, SF Children's Theatre, Coit Tower, Academy of Sciences, Aquatic Park, Kule Loklo, Boudin Bakery, Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Patch, Elkus Ranch, Slide Ranch, Angel Island, the Zoo, Aquatic Park, and many more exciting locations throughout the bay area.


All students enjoy weekly art instruction in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, collage, paper mache, mixed media, and pottery. Art projects support classroom instruction, and give children opportunities to create gifts for special occasions.

Gardening Program

Yick Yo's gardens are living classrooms where standards-based curriculum are taught, and aid students in their discovery of the living world. Children are simultaneously stimulated, focused, and calmed by time in the garden. This program supports intellectual, emotional and social engagement with things that must be measured, counted, arranged, planned, and cared for. Here children enjoy hands-on, experiential learning in a variety of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, language arts (e.g., through garden journaling), visual arts (e.g., through garden design and decoration), and nutrition. Details about ways to support our garden program HERE.

Performing Arts

Yick Wo's 2nd and 3rd graders are introduced to the world of dance by visiting instructors from the SF Ballet. Some classrooms also work with the SF Opera. Opera students build sets, write arias, design costumes, condense scripts, and perform a mini-opera at the end of the school year. The creative process supports common core and reinforces standards for students in all grades.


Music and poetry

Yick Wo students and teachers utilize the rich resources of the surrounding bay area community to infuse the campus with music and poetry.  Kinder's - 2nd graders listen to live music played by their teacher (guitar piano, and drums), as well as to recorded music while singing, dancing, and enjoying sound together. Third graders play recorders, and fourth and fifth graders have the option to select violin, flute, trumpet or clarinet. Our teachers are allocated funds by the PTO in order to partner with local community poetry resources including City Lights Bookstore, 826 Valencia, California Poets in Schools, and the USF Word Poetry Club.

Physical Activity and Recess Support

Students at Yick Wo enjoy outdoor activities several times each week with physical activity classes with Coach Robinson, and physical education classes with a PE specialist Coach Samon. The Physical Education curriculum is intended to develop physically-educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful activity. Physical activity classes are intended to provide recreational and fun activities for students. Coach Robinson also provides additional recess support.


Chess Club

Here students learn the basics of strategy, and help them enjoy the spirit of competition from a chess master from the Mechanic's Institute.

Newspaper Club

The New Yick Times is the school newspaper published annually by students in our Newspaper Club. This before-school club is made possible by parent volunteers.